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With 150,000 m2 floor areas and 100,000 m2 building areas, Anhui Yada Technology Co., Ltd., located in Taihu Development Zone of Anhui Province, has 48 coating lines to manufacture insulation and fireproof tapes for wires and cables, mica adhesive glass fiber for motors, and high temperature resistant insulation tapes for PI composite traction motors and transformers. It has various testing instruments worth of over 20 million yuan to guarantee reliable and valid control of product quality. Products are widely applied to high voltage building, subway, tunnel, borehole operation, power generation, transformer, traction motor and other fields. Its product types range from common...


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    Yada Technology specializes in research, development and manufacturing of basic organic silicon material, electronic silicone, silicone PSA (pressure-sensitive adhesive), fluorosilicone release agent, silicon release agent, organic silicon primer agent, PU sealant, epoxy structural adhesive and other products. Its products are applied to PI, PET, PP, TPU, PA, glass fiber, copper foil, aluminum foil, non-woven fabrics, paper-based tape, base material free adhesive film, OCA adhesive film, protective film with low mobility, AB adhesive protective film, release film, tempered film and FPCB circuit board coating insulation. Silicone and various base material bonding and fixing, sealing insulation, heat dissipation and insulation, covering household appliance, electrical, electronic, automobile, medical treatment, cosmetology, aviation, aerospace and other fields. With 11 invention patents and 3 Utility Model Patents, the company has three research, development and manufacturing plants in Yantai and Jinan of Shandong Province and Wuxi of Jiangsu Province to provide quality, efficient and top services for you at any time. Welcome to join us and let's join hands for mutual development!
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