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Yada Technology

With 25 years of history, Yada Technology is a specialized company to research, develop and manufacture electronic chemicals. It has four R & D and manufacturing plants and one sales head office nationwide. Our products include but not limited to basic organic silicon material, insulation and sealing material for electronic and electrical appliances, PSA for various engineering materials, insulation and fireproof tapes for wires and cables, glass fibers, high temperature resistant insulation tapes, medical tapes and other products. The company has supply capacity for the entire industrial chain in the industry, ranging from basic organic silicon materials, adhesives to tapes. We can conduct customized product designs and provide technology and service plans from the raw material end based on clients' demands. We are a stable supplier in household appliance, electrical, electronic, automobile, cosmetology, medical treatment and several fields and our products are used for manufacturing temperature resistant electrical insulation materials with high standard. 

With 14 invention patents, the company has specialized sales to provide services for you. Welcome to inquire! 

Wuxi Company

Jinan Company

Yantai Company

Shanghai Office

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