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RoHs: A2200131506101001E

Reach: A2200056714101001E


Product Description:

TS-7858 is an addition type silicone pressure sensitive adhesive. It has the characteristics of high solid content, low viscosity, high peel force, low migration and easy coating. It can also be designed according to the different needs of users. It is suitable for the manufacture of adhesive tape, PI film, PET film, and polytetrafluoroethylene coating. It can be coated on the substrate using traditional tape coating equipment and vulcanized by adding a catalyst to the adhesive.


Typical performance:

1. Wide temperature resistance range, applicable temperature range -65℃~280℃;

2. It can be bonded to a variety of surfaces, including some materials with low surface energy (such as silicones, fluoropolymers, polyolefin compounds);

3. Moisture resistance, weather resistance (ozone, sunlight), chemical resistance (acid, alkali, oil, melting, alternating current analysis peeling, etc.) and biological resistance (fungi) attack;

4. There is no silicone residue on the surface used.


Typical physical properties:

Specification item


TS-7858 value

TK-4100 value

TG-9320 value



Translucent or transparent viscous body

Transparent liquid

Transparent liquid

Viscosity at 25°C





Solid content


60 ± 0.5



Peel force

G/25 mm

1000 ± 100



Initial adhesion





1. The list is typical data, and it can also be designed and produced according to different needs of users.

2. The actual performance after vulcanization is affected by many factors, such as the type and amount of catalyst, vulcanization period, coating thickness, substrate type, etc. The specific physical properties are subject to the factory inspection report.





1. TS-7858 is an additive vulcanization type. During the entire glue dispensing and coating process, it is strictly forbidden to come into contact with metals such as lead, cadmium, tin and peroxides to prevent poisoning and failure.

2. Use a clean container every time. The recycle container is thoroughly cleaned up with toluene and other solvents every time it is used up, and it is ready for next use

3. It is recommended that the prepared glue be used up within 8 hours. The part that is not used up needs to be sealed and stored in a clean container. When using it for the second time, it needs to be tested first, and then put into production.

4. The accuracy of TG-9320 and TK-4100 ratio measurement and whether the mixing is uniform has a great impact on vulcanization and performance. Wrong proportioning or uneven mixing will lead to non-vulcanization or incomplete vulcanization, which will affect the final performance.

5. After vulcanization, the type is related to the ratio, the thickness of the glue, and the vulcanization temperature. It is recommended that the user make appropriate adjustments according to their own process conditions and final performance requirements.


Packaging and storage:

It is packed in iron or plastic drums, with a net weight of 200 kg/drum, and can also be packaged according to user requirements.

The product should be kept dry during storage and transportation to prevent sun and rain.

Product expiration date: TS-7851LL when stored at 50°C (122°F) or below, 12 months from the date of manufacture, beyond this period, it can still be used after passing the inspection.


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