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Methyl silicone resin (TH-501)
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Methyl silicone resin (TH-501)

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Product description

Product Features:

1. It is a solvent-free condensation curing methyl silicone resin powder containing Si-OH, which can be dissolved in toluene, xylene, ketones, ethanol and other solvents (also can be provided in the form of a solution);

2. It can be quickly vulcanized by heating or adding a curing agent, or it can be cross-linked and cured by the moisture (moisture) in the air to form a hard and smooth protective film;

3. The vulcanization process does not produce any by-products, is non-toxic, and is widely used in the surface protection of building materials, metals, glass, ceramics, fibers, plastics and other substrates, as well as mica, fiber laminate binders, etc.;

4. It is the lowest carbon content of all silicone resins. There is almost no smoke after high temperature thermal decomposition. The SiO₂ formed after degradation and other inorganic fillers form a strong fireproof material.



1. Heat-resistant fillers, ultraviolet light absorbers, etc. can be added as needed to prepare high-temperature resistant coatings, which are used in incinerators, ventilation, ovens, flues, metal, ceramics, plastics, fibers and other substrate surface protective coatings. By adding metal fillers, coatings with high temperature resistance above 500°C can be prepared;

2. It can be used for porous material dipping liquid, inorganic mineral filler composite material binder;

3. Sheet binder made of reinforcing materials such as fiber and cloth base;

4. Coating and dipping of electrical appliances, capacitors, and high-voltage coils;

5. Mica, fiberglass cloth laminate adhesive;

6. After the resin is dissolved in ethanol, fillers such as asbestos, talc, etc. are added, and various insulated electrical components are stamped through bonding and rolling.


Specifications and characteristics table:

product name

Specification model


Long chain alkyl MQ resin


Appearance: white solid powder

Can provide a certain solid content of liquid.

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