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PET tape
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PET tape

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Product description

Product feature

Taking PET as a base material, ASDA-1163A is a blue insulation covering tape that is coated with high temperature resistant acrylics. The product is resistant to high temperature, acid-alkali, corrosion, various organic solvents and common cleaning agent, with higher release force, outstanding initial bonding, retention and good electric insulation performance. There is no squeeze-out and adhesive residue in high temperature. With self-rolling, it has easy unwinding force in utilization, facilitating unwinding and fitting.

Taking polyester film as a base material, ASDA-2163 tape is a high temperature resistant insulation tape that is coated with organic silicon PSA. It is applicable for protection of PCB circuit board electroplate, welding shielding, powder coating and painting and high temperature resistant insulation tape of electronic and electrical appliance.


Product application

It is applied to painting, powder coating, electroplating, electrophoresis and other covering in household appliance, electronic and automobile industries, for instance, covering and edge wrapping of PWB board, powder painting of metal or plastic and protective covering of automobile powder coating, fixing in electronic part, resistance and capacitor production, and binding and fixing at high temperature.


Product characteristics

1.Excellent alkali resistance, insulation and heat conduction.

2.Good tensile strength, durable adhesive property and no adhesive residue.

3.No squeeze-out after 500 hours of operation at 60℃ and RH85%.

4.Applicable between -50 and 200℃.

5.Abrasion resistance, easy to tear, compression resistance and no adhesive failure.


Warranty: 12 months after manufacturing.

Storage method: in dark, cool and dry places; (temperature 10-30℃, relative humidity 40-60%).

包装规格:Packaging specification: A) Carton specification (mm): 320*240*385; B) Tape specification: 20mm * 30m; C) Label item: product, batch, manufacturer and notes.


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